Funding for Inclusive Preschool, S.P.L.A.S.H. programs and continuing education at the S. June Smith Center

Excentia Photo 2.jpgThe S. June Smith Center, a service of Excentia, provides early childhood and early intervention services to children, from birth to five, with developmental needs. These services offer a proactive approach to putting children on a healthy path to development. The S. June Smith Foundation provided grants to fund several S. June Smith Center needs.

A grant was given to support three inclusive preschool classrooms for much needed supplies and equipment.  These early learning environments that allow children with and without disabilities to learn together. The impact of inclusive learning benefits all the students. The teachers find that children with disabilities or delays are more motivated by and actively listen to their peers without disabilities or delays. Children without developmental needs are more inclined to develop qualities of compassion, understanding, mutual respect and leadership.

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S.P.L.A.S.H. (Sound Play and Language Awareness Story Hour) is a class for children between the ages of 24 months and 36 months. These classes offer an engaging and fun environment to help parents and caregivers encourage their child’s development and communication. These classes are offered at a low cost to parents and the S. June Smith Foundation funded a grant to help the Excentia’s S. June Smith Center to be able to continue to offer these classes at an affordable fee.

Continuing education is important for ensuring that children with developmental needs get quality care. The Center offers support to children with different and a range of needs. The S. June Smith Foundation has funded a grant for continuing education and training on health, safety, autism, positive relationships, sensory needs and behavioral needs.

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The mission of Excentia is to provide those supports necessary to enable children and adults with developmental needs to live as independently and fully as they desire within the community.  The S. June Smith Center is the Early Intervention service at Excentia.