Pet Therapy services funded for children with developmental needs through Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services (KPETS)

KPETS is a network of dependable registered therapy team committed to providing therapeutic benefits through the use of pets to people with physical, emotional and mental challenges, from all walks of life, in a wide variety of settings. Their services are provided free of charge to organizations and individuals in need.  KPETS coordinates the work of highly motivated and committed volunteers in providing thousands of pet therapy hours per year in the community.

The S. June Smith Foundation funded a grant to KPETS to provide children with developmental needs with pet therapy services. These services foster emotional growth and stability in a safe environment where these children can feel the benefits of human-animal interaction.  Evidence has found that pets can reduce stress and create calm in children. Studies show that pets have a positive effect on a child’s blood pressure and heart rate.

Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services’ mission is to offer therapeutic benefits of animal assisted therapy to a variety of populations in multiple settings. KPETS strives to serve individuals or groups of all ages struggling with physical, emotional or mental challenges.