Music Therapy, Entertainment and Pet Therapy grant funded for Aaron’s Acres

Aarons Acres Photo 2.jpgApproximately 100 children and young adults attended Aaron’s Acres 2015 Summer Camp.  The opportunity to attend summer camp gives the opportunity for campers to engage in recreational activities with their peers separate from a school setting.  Aaron’s Acres summer camp has a low staff to camper ratio of 1:1 or 1:2. Allowing staff to meet the needs of each camper to be met immediately and appropriately.Aarons Acres Photo 1.jpgThe S. June Smith Foundation has funded a grant to assist the Aaron’s Acres Summer Camp program. This grant will go towards providing their campers with music therapy, entertainment and pet therapy. These activities are meant to encourage children to expand their social skills, experience and express their emotions and develop self-esteem.

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Aaron’s Acres provides individuals with special needs ages 5-21 with year-round therapeutically based age appropriate recreational programs directed by specially trained and certified staff in a supportive environment that enhances socialization and communication skills.